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July 2022 California Bar Exam Predictions

Cal Bar Bible’s predictions for the July 2022 California Bar Exam:

1. Real Property

2. Professional Responsibility

3. Contracts

4. Civil Procedure

5. Constitutional Law

*Wild card: Wills and/or Trusts

The February 2022 California Bar Exam Pass Rate was only 33.9%. The State Bar announced that 1,056 people passed the General Bar Exam. This was also the first in-person exam since February of 2020. The 33.9% pass rate reflects a drop of 8.9% from the February 2021 pass rate of 37.2%, but higher than the February 2020 pass rate of 26.8%.

Furthermore, the national average on the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) dropped to 132.6 – one of the lowest all-time scores.

We have spent the last few years working with California Bar Exam repeaters, which provided us with some insight into the crux of the problem: Why is it so difficult to pass the CA bar exam? Focusing only on the essay component of the exam, we discovered a number of issues, but overall, it boils down to 1) understanding a plethora of legal information, 2) retaining that information, 3) regurgitating that information, and 4) applying that information. All of which are essential to pass the California bar exam.

Based on these findings, we have compiled a guide that will help overcome barriers faced by all bar takers – whether it’s your first time taking the exam, or you are a repeater, our Cal Bar Bible materials (only $199) includes all subjects tested on the California Bar Exam. Each CBB subject copy includes an essay checklist, simplified and easy to memorize rule statements, condensed study sheets, essay templates, essay cheat sheets, outlines, hot topics, essay tracking, MBE tips, issue spotting, mnemonics, and much more to help you pass the formidable CA Bar Exam. Feel free to checkout a sample of a CBB copy on Civil Procedure here.

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