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July 2019 California Bar Exam Predictions

As of July 2017, the California bar exam has changed its examination format to five essays and one performance test. Since this change, we have noticed the frequency of crossover essays. For instance, contracts having been tested as a cross over with professional responsibility (See February 2018); Evidence was tested with professional responsibility as a crossover (See July 2017); again, Evidence crossover with civil procedure (See February 2019); Community property crossover with trusts and wills (See Feb 2019). The bar examiners are incorporating this crossover format so that they can compensate for one less essay.

We have tracked the California bar exam subjects tested since 2000 – now that’s approximately 37 administrations. In that time, Professional Responsibility has been tested 38 times (literally every administration); Torts, Trusts, and Wills have been tested 25 times; Contracts and Community Property have been tested 23 times; Evidence and Constitutional Law have been tested 22 times. Property, Crimes, Remedies, and Business Associations have been tested 18 times; and Civil Procedure 17 times.

What does this tell us? Study professional responsibility!! Study past essays and PR rule statements so you can ensure at least a score of 70 - 75 on this portion of the exam so that you can compensate for other lower scoring essays.

Based on this trend and past examinations, here are Cal Bar Bible’s predictions for the July 2019 California Bar Exam.

1. Contracts (possible crossover with Remedies)

2. Professional Responsibility

3. Business Associations (likely LLCs and Corporations)

4. Constitutional Law

5. Crimes (possible crossover with Evidence)

*Wild card: Community Property (anticipate trusts and/or wills crossover)

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