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Hot Topics for July 2019 California Bar Exam

The California bar exam covers a vast majority of legal rules within each subject. The realm of information contained within each essay subject is one of the reasons the California bar exam is difficult to pass. However, the bar examiners love retesting issues and focusing their attention to specific legal rules that are tested over and over again. Based on this pattern and drawing from past exams administered since 2002, we have compiled a list of hot topics per subject.

MBE Subjects:


Contracts formation/breach of contract, anticipatory repudiation/material vs. minor breach, contract modifications, statute of frauds, damages, remedies crossover

Civil Procedure

Subject matter jurisdiction, personal jurisdiction, erie doctrine, discovery obligations


Relevance, hearsay, impeachment, privileges

Real Property

Landlord property law, easements

Constitutional Law

Standing, first amendment, fourteenth amendment, takings clause


Fourth amendment, fifth amendment, crimes against property/persons, defenses


Negligence, products liability, defenses, torts remedies crossover

Non-MBE Subjects

Business Associations

Corps: fiduciary duties, derivative action, shareholder rights, conflicts, director duties. Agency/Partnership: LLPs, general partnerships/authority, fiduciary duties, dissolution


TROs, Preliminary Injunction, specific performance, defenses, equitable remedies: reformation, rescission, conversion, misrepresentation remedies, restitution.

Community Property

CP vs. SP, commingling funds, quasi CP, gifts, stock options & child support, transmutation, putative spouse, debts, torts.

Professional Responsibility

Duty of loyalty, duty of confidentiality, fee agreements/fee sharing, withdrawal, safeguard clients property, malpractice, duties to court.


Types of trusts, termination, duties of trustee, abatement,


Creation of will, formalities, validity of will, revocation, omitted spouse/child, codicils, ademption, lapse/anti lapse.

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