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Cal Bar Bible


Includes California + MBE Subjects

*CBB includes all subjects tested on the California Bar Exam. 

Includes Condensed Study Sheets 

Simplified Rule Statements + Outlines 

Analytical approach to the CA Bar Exam 

Attack sheets, essay templates, frequently tested issues for all subjects included 

Specific focus on MBE and Essay Subjects 

Memorize the CBB materials and pass the CA bar...we have an excellent pass rate 

See our sample page for a copy of our condensed study sheets + Cal Bar Bible

Free copy of Essay Predictions ($25 value) 

Electronic Copies Only 

Cal Bar Bible + 2 Graded Essays 


Includes 2 graded essays by practicing attorneys and adjunct professors who teach California Bar Prep. 

Free copy of the Cal Bar Bible ($199 value)

Receive a bar exam equivalent score 

Choose 2 Subjects 

Receive detailed, line by line feedback

Grader assigned within 24 hours 

Receive your essay back within 12-36 hours 

Practice, reflect, and improve!

Follow up with grader post grading for additional feedback and tips 

See our sample page for more information

Free copy of Essay Predictions ($25 value) 

Electronic Copies Only  

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